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The quirky summer of 2013 follows the golden autumn says the Escort Cologne

There is also a high class escort service in Cologne on the heart: When the leaves oscillate in yellow brown colors, the autumn shows its best side. Fluttering leaves, a gentle breeze, since the passage does in the park with your loved one from the high-class escort Cologne twice as much fun. Great along with the dog over the fields and taste the last sun rays of the year. The fall is not for nothing have been called the golden season. Also in the hometown of Cologne escort service can endure the season. Extra Ordinary delicious at this time: pumpkin soup in all variations. Pumpkin soup with potatoes, bacon, carrots – creativity knows no bounds. We have you picked out the best and most beautiful restaurants for this season of the High Class Escort Cologne editors. But before we set before you the tiny restaurant guide, we would like to draw your attention to another autumn spectacle:

Fall festival on the Rhine – presented by High Class Escort Cologne

The Deutz bank of the Rhine is also this year again the venue for 10 menses fun, action, entertainment and colorful funfair fairground. Since the Cologne and the high class Escort Cologne cheerful natures are true, do not let this take Gaudi. Of 26 October to 4 November, the organizers expect up to 600,000 tourists. A true festival flat. Since the ladies from the escort service Cologne must. Between the Deutz bridge and the Severin Bridge rotate the rides such as carousels, bumper cars and bumper cars. Stores this year’s highlights are: the highest Kettenflieger Europe, a giant swing in XXL, the Love Express, the High Class Escort Cologne, a Ferris wheel, a pirate slide, various children’s rides and a large ghost train. For the nostalgic among the visitors, the organizers have thought out something very special. On Friday the 2nd November, the gondolas of the Ferris wheel are decorated especially for the high class escort Cologne guests. Final highlight is the big fireworks on Saturday, 27 October by 21 clock. If the climate allows it, go here right from the post.

Art with Character: ART.FAIR and Escort Cologne

In the international art scene, this event has reserved business over the past years a regular place. At a total of four days, the exhibition shows the Staatenhaus Park in Cologne on the Rhine the works dedicated young artists. In addition, the fair celebrates its tenth special day. The exciting, interdisciplinary program includes various symbiosis of performance, multimedia and music. The art fair takes place from 31 October to 3 November in the vicinity of the agency. Ideally purpose relationship here come with visual art design, game, architecture, fashion, film, music, entertainment and advertising collectively. The fair is open from Thursday to Saturday, 12 to 20 clock and Sunday 11-19 clock. The preparatory opening is on Wednesday 31 October on the stage. We want you as a customer Cologne escort service with style and character enjoy your visit to this event.