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The escort service Cologne present the highlights of the city

Escort agency Cologne – Over a million people are home at the Metropolis close to the Rhine. With this number, Cologne is the city with the most inhabitants in Northrhine-Westphalia. The City is well known for its colorful carnival, the Cologne Cathedral, the Cologne soccer and for the high class escort service Cologne. But also in the matter of economy the mega-city play along at the top. A huge number of important banks, major corporations and media companies are located in Cologne. To keep in mind is the cultural aspect, which attracts thousands of people into the city. Here you can see and enjoy various landmarks, events, art and culture. During your stay at the city, you shouldn´t relinquish an enchanting lady. It doesn´t matter what you are up to, our escort service Cologne ladies are open for everything and are happy to make some new experiences. In any case they are always excited to get to know interesting and challenging men. The high class escort service Cologne is glad to give you some advise concerning the choice of the right lady. Our agency is there for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Just call us, we treat each customer very exclusive and individual. We always keep in mind these important factors: reliability, steadiness and confidentially.

Escort Service Cologne and Independent Escorts Cologne

The high class escort service Cologne has an exclusive culture tip for you

It is part of our service to point out the best recommendations concerning sightseeing, luxury hotel, gourmet restaurants, wellness and many more. Today we recommend one of the most popular theaters of the city. The “Schauspiel Koeln”, which is to be found at the Carlwerk terrain, offers a fantastic repertoire. The program varied from classics to young modern theater.

Pure wellness at the luxury hotel Savoy

You and your escort agency Cologne Topmodel could take a break and enjoy some time together at this luxury hotel. Luxury rooms and suites and the wellness- and spa-oasis invite you to relax. At the onsite gourmet restaurant you and your escort Cologne lady can enjoy an excellent dinner.






Experience the summer with High Class Escorts Cologne

The High Class Escorts Cologne welcomes you in the beautiful city on the Rhine. In the metropolis there is much that you should definitely see  and your model and experience . The best tips and recommendations, the escort service in his Cologne City Guide. For you, so there is not much to do but look for a charming lady suits her well and to discover the city . Art, culture, luxury hotels, spa facilities, gourmet restaurants, events, attractions and much more with your Independent Escorts Cologne model.

Escort Cologne presents the landmark of the city

Escort Service Cologne and Independent Escorts Cologne An absolute must for any visitors Cologne is of course the Cologne Cathedral. With 157 meters height , the building is the second tallest church in Germany and as the third- highest in the world . The cathedral is in the midst of the city, not far from the escort services Cologne. Eight years ago, the cathedral because of its outstanding Gothic architecture of the UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. In addition, here the bones of the Magi are kept. The building is one of the most popular attractions , and every year attracts thousands of visitors to Cologne. Even with your female companion you can visit the Cathedral and learn about the culture of the city. Our High Class Escorts Cologne ladies are looking forward to challenging and interesting men to meet and accompany.

This luxury hotel is of a special kind

Pure luxury they experience with their high-class escorts model in Cologne luxury hotel on the water tower. This luxury hotel features elegant and stylish rooms and suites of the extra class . As they recommend the night in the deluxe suite. This extends over two floors and has been decorated by a well-known French designer . In addition, the luxury suite with a bedroom and living room , a separate office and a marble bathroom with Jacuzzi features . From the Deluxe Suite you can enjoy the view over the city with its top model . We wish you an unforgettable exciting time in the metropolis.

Escort Service Cologne introduces the CityGuide 2014

Who serves sophisticated customer who must also offer quality service . Therefore, the offer of escort service Cologne goes far beyond a simple female companion . There they expect absolute top models , a limousine and jet service , round- the – clock care and much more. The High Class Escort Cologne even cares about their leisure activities, the most attractive sight-seeing tips to exclusive luxury hotel and the most elite spa and spa in this City Guide them are presented deals all over the city in a regular interval . So they can experience the finest things in Cologne for two , together with its Independent Escort Cologne female companion . Our recommendation today is a very special gourmet restaurant where they can enjoy with their lady really perfect dinner together. Get ready for a taste trip , recommended by the escort services Cologne.

Taste buds with Rhine View of the Independent Escort Cologne

Escorts Service Cologne and Independent Escort CologneEscort service and independent escort cologne. In the district Rodenkirchen in Cologne the gourmet restaurant Le Patron is located. The restaurant was honored last year with the highly acclaimed in the hospitality sector ” glittering prize ” . The escort services Cologne recommends them the absolute highlight on the menu, the Chateaubriand for two. So, indulge yourself with her accompaniment to the fantastic culinary journey and enjoy the unique views of the Rhine directly from their places of . Happy with a Independent Escort Cologne model.

Experience fitness , wellness and spa in luxury hotel

After the perfect dinner we still have a very special recommendation for them. The luxury Hyatt Regency Cologne is located directly in the city center and offers exclusive suites overlooking the Rhine. Here you can have the pampering you deserve from their escort services Cologne Model . The in-house spa and spa area also invites you to relax and relax. Here you can find and their female companion various spa facilities, a gym and a swimming pool.









The highlights of the city presented by Escorts Cologne

The sexy models of Escorts Cologne they welcome the unprecedented metropolis on the Rhine. Visitors to the city of Cologne you will see and learn a lot , because in the city there are so many crazy ways . The customers usually do not know where to start and for this reason we have created a truly extravagant City Guide for you . In this you will find the highlights of the city : theater , museums, shopping , bars , restaurants , luxury hotels , clubs and much more. All tips of Escorts Cologne are naturally adapted to our customers and therefore we have picked only the most demanding attractions for them. During their stay in the city , of course, they still need the right female companion of the high-class escorts Cologne. Our ladies are looking forward to exploring the city and accompany you.High Class Escorts Cologne

Kölsch is the best escort service Cologne experience

Anyone who is even in town to visit , which was to have really experienced Kölscheste . The really traditional pub Lommerzheim is probably the most typical location in Cologne throughout the city and even known far beyond the city limits. To have you ever drunk a Kölsch is an absolute must . The cozy bar is just a stone’s throw from the Escort Service Cologne. So they look but sometimes with your female companion the escort Cologne to experience the past there about real tradition of the city .

Luxury hotel with designer elegance

This luxury hotel Radisson Blu is located in the middle of the city and offers its guests a four- star luxury. Exclusive rooms and suites are available for you and your escort service Cologne model . In addition, the luxury hotel has a gym and a spa and wellness area . Here you can enjoy your togetherness and relax after a great day in the Rhine metropolis .








The Escort Service Cologne gives you an overview of the city

The prettiest women you meet of course at the escort service in Cologne. On our website under the heading ladies, you can already take a look at the charming ladies . You simply call and book and already you have a delightful accompaniment to the equally charming city on the Rhine . Cologne is the largest city in the federal state of North Rhine -Westphalia and has a lot to offer its visitors also . The list of attractions is long: Cologne Cathedral, Museum Ludwig, Cologne Zoo , Cologne Trade Fair , Gloria Theater, Colonius and Fragrance Museum are only a small part of it . Since they are probably wondering how there still is to keep track ? And the High Class Escort Cologne is of course very happy to help. And with his guide, which includes the best attractions and luxury hotels . Thus miss her and her escort Cologne lady the best of the city is not determined.
High Class Escorts Cologne

Culture and shopping easily connected with the escort service in Cologne

An architectural marvel can be admired on the street signs . The 5th World townhouse was designed by architect Renzo Piano and opened in 2005. From the outside it looks like a ship, and inside there is the fashion label Peek & Cloppenburg. Here , they may go along with their high-class escort Cologne lady on a shopping trip . The fashion house offers both fashion for the lady as well as for the Lord. Exclusive brand of many well-known fashion labels containing the Reportoire , just right for the discerning customer. Thanks to the stylish design of the building has already cleared some prices . A visit to this quirky department store building value in every case. In addition, it is located not far from escort service Cologne .

Relax with a luxurious high-class escort Cologne

Although shopping is fun, but can also be very stressful. Therefore, you should not deny the next tip of the high-class escorts Cologne : The luxury hotel Savoy hotel enchants its guests with a spa and spa in a class .

Experience a great time with the escort agency Cologne

The Cologne Escort Agency would like to embellish them on their visit to the Rhine metropolis . Of course they think right now the beautiful models of Escort Dusseldorf . But that was not enough , next to beautiful women we have for their stay in the city even the best outings and attractions. With us you will not be bored for sure. Our specially collated for our customers CityGuide includes the best attractions , best luxury hotels with wellness and spa area and the best event tips throughout the city. And Cologne is really great, the city is the largest and most populous city in the state of North Rhine- Westphalia. We take them all the burdens from the shoulders to enable them to make a magical time with a beautiful lady. So enjoy your time in the city on the Rhine , we wish you much pleasure dabei.High Class Escorts Cologne

Escorts Cologne accompanies you to the Cathedral

First stop of the sightseeing tour is of course the Cologne Cathedral. The Roman Catholic Church is an absolute must for all visitors Cologne . The huge church was built in Gothic style and reaches a height of over 150 meters , so it is the third tallest building in the world . This particular attraction of the city they can marvel at both the outside and the inside together with your escort lady Cologne . The Cologne Cathedral is located in the heart of Cologne , 250 meters from the River Rhine and also not far from Cologne escort service . In the immediate vicinity there is also the city which invites you for shopping with its many luxury shops . In addition, many well-known restaurants and places with different specialties in the environment in which they can stop off and her escort agency Cologne model .

Luxury hotel with spa area

After a day of sightseeing, let yourself be pampered . The tip of the escorts Cologne this is the Mauritius luxury hotel with spa and thermal baths.

The new City Guide of Escort Service Cologne

The Escort Service Cologne welcomes you in the city on the Rhine. Cologne, with over a million inhabitants, is the fourth largest city in Germany. Besides the sexy models the multi-faceted city still has several more to offer. Starting with the Rhine, on the way to Cologne Cathedral Cologne / Bonn Airport. Also worth mentioning is of course the carnival, because Cologne is a vibrant destination par excellence. Each year in February the fifth season here has begun. But in all other months there is plenty to see and plenty to do. The best attractions, venues and luxury hotels in the city we have compiled for you. With our city guide and a charming female companion they can explore the city and allow yourself to really sleep well. Our High Class Escorts Cologne Models course, know well from the City.

High Class Escorts Cologne

Sightseeing with high class escorts Cologne

An absolute must for any visitor is of course the Cologne Cathedral. With its enormous height of about 150 meters of the cathedral is the third largest church buildings in the world. The Cologne Cathedral is located just a few meters from the banks of the Rhine, the high-class escorts Cologne is not too far away. A few years ago the church was declared a World Heritage Site. You and your lady have a choice. The building can be explored independently or in a group with a guide. In any case, a visit to the massive complex is worthwhile and impressive. Your high class escorts model Cologne and you will like it for sure.

Let yourself be pampered in the luxury class

The Escort  Service Cologne recommends you the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg close to Cologne Cathedral. This luxury hotel is situated in a fantastic location and offers a view over the city and the Cologne Cathedral. Also located in a luxury hotel, a spa and spa area to relax and unwind. The luxurious rooms and suites offer your and your escorts service Cologne model enough time and space for two. Let yourself be pampered.

The high class escort accompanies you to Cologne on the Rhine

The ladies of the high-class escorts Cologne not only look pretty, they are also the perfect accompaniment for their stay in the Rhine metropolis. Whether museum, theater or classical sights, the ladies know their way around the city. Of course, since they rely a bit on the advice of city guides, it will appear at regular intervals and includes the best excursions of the Escort Cologne. Finally, it can indeed be confusing pretty fast in a city with over a million inhabitants. There is much to see. Cologne is of course primarily known for its carnival. In Cologne, the carnival season as the fifth season, in addition to the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter, counts. Here the people even take holidays on these days and many shops remain closed easily. Of course that does not count for everyone, because our ladies are of course always ready for them. But not only the carnival attracts many tourists to Cologne. There is so much more to see and do. Starting with the Rhine, Cologne Cathedral, Museum Ludwig, the high-class escort Cologne, the Cologne Zoo on the inland as far as Cologne airport.
High Class Escorts Cologne

For a beautiful day in the company of her lady today we have picked out a very special destination. In the middle of downtown, not far away is the Gloria or Gloria-called theater. Here you can visit with their lady a theater show or a concert. Stars such as Melanie C., Münchener Freiheit, Simply Red, Maria Mena, Die Toten Hosen and The Gossip here have already rocked the stage. If you like it a little better in terms of classical theater is not too short. Ideas such as catch the killer, summer blood, The Little Prince and the jerboa ensemble had been here a grand entrance. The Escort Cologne also recommends the great parties and events at Gloria Theater.

Give yourself a break with the high-class escorts Cologne

After extensive tours of the theater you need a recovery period with certainty. And also for the high-class escort Cologne has just the tip for you and your escorts Cologne lady . Let yourself be pampered in luxury water tower hotel cologne, very close. Here they expect glamorous suites and an extensive wellness and spa area.

High Class Escorts Cologne accompanies you to the cathedral of the city

Hard to believe, but the beautiful town on the Rhine is already 2,000 years old. Today she enjoys a really good reputation as an economic metropolis. But of course Cologne has more to offer than just the economic aspects: a lot of culture, the Rhine, many ports, airport and the renowned high class escort Cologne. With over a million inhabitants, Cologne listed today for most residents in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Already in the Middle Ages, Cologne was very popular and was considered a center of politics, economy and culture. The landmark of the city of Cologne Cathedral – not far from escort service Cologne – especially attracts many tourists to the city. What is special about the cathedral, however, know very few tourists. But we like to tell them: The Cologne Cathedral is the world has the third highest church building and the construction of this magnificent landmark whopping lasted over 600 years. So you see, all alone for a visit to the Cologne Cathedral a trip to Cologne would be worthwhile. But this is only a drop in the bucket. Cologne is so incredibly large and so incredibly diverse. Here they can – of course accompanied by a lady – Of course there’s more. In order to keep track, we have put together a special city guide for the best sights, attractions and luxury hotels. So they can enjoy their stay to the fullest and have to give any thought how they can inspire their high class escort lady Cologne.

With the escort service Cologne up on the ropes

At times only to get an overview of the huge metropolis should the matter once admired from the top. And on a ride with the Cologne Cable Car, here you can look at it from a bird’s perspective, the City and the escort service Cologne times. During the journey they are most sights can already view from above and thus already have a plan what they want to experience the next day with their lady. Even the luxury hotel with spa is in sight. Here they can stop on their first day and enjoying being together. The high class escort Cologne recommends all customers stay in a luxury hotel because of the wellness and spa area invites you to really relax. And by the way their female companion of escort Cologne will be enchanted with security.