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The new City Guide of Escort Service Cologne

The Escort Service Cologne welcomes you in the city on the Rhine. Cologne, with over a million inhabitants, is the fourth largest city in Germany. Besides the sexy models the multi-faceted city still has several more to offer. Starting with the Rhine, on the way to Cologne Cathedral Cologne / Bonn Airport. Also worth mentioning is of course the carnival, because Cologne is a vibrant destination par excellence. Each year in February the fifth season here has begun. But in all other months there is plenty to see and plenty to do. The best attractions, venues and luxury hotels in the city we have compiled for you. With our city guide and a charming female companion they can explore the city and allow yourself to really sleep well. Our High Class Escorts Cologne Models course, know well from the City.

High Class Escorts Cologne

Sightseeing with high class escorts Cologne

An absolute must for any visitor is of course the Cologne Cathedral. With its enormous height of about 150 meters of the cathedral is the third largest church buildings in the world. The Cologne Cathedral is located just a few meters from the banks of the Rhine, the high-class escorts Cologne is not too far away. A few years ago the church was declared a World Heritage Site. You and your lady have a choice. The building can be explored independently or in a group with a guide. In any case, a visit to the massive complex is worthwhile and impressive. Your high class escorts model Cologne and you will like it for sure.

Let yourself be pampered in the luxury class

The Escort  Service Cologne recommends you the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg close to Cologne Cathedral. This luxury hotel is situated in a fantastic location and offers a view over the city and the Cologne Cathedral. Also located in a luxury hotel, a spa and spa area to relax and unwind. The luxurious rooms and suites offer your and your escorts service Cologne model enough time and space for two. Let yourself be pampered.